At the feet of the peaks that touch the sky in Feltre,
the vineyard intertwines with an ancient secret.
On the daring slopes, the vine bends
like a painter brushing against the canvas.

The fresh and light air caresses the clusters,
hidden treasures in the morning dew.
The leaves dance to the rhythm of the wind,
a serene symphony between rocks and silence.

Beneath the shy sun of the mountains,
the vine fights with grace and courage.
Deep roots, tenacious as time,
embrace the earth, defy its harshness.

The rows unwind like secret paths,
carrying the tale of a unique land.
In every cluster, a love poem,
among the rocks and woods, in every sip an ode.

Rose Mari reveals
the story of the peaks, the winds, and the stars.

And thus, from the Tenuta di Cart,
poetry is whispered.