Cultivated on the outskirts of Feltre,
the vineyards of Tenuta di Cart have deep roots
and tell the story of a unique land.

Cultivated on the outskirts of Feltre (Belluno), at the foot of the Dolomites, the vineyards of Tenuta di Cart thrive in an environment with climatic and geographical characteristics akin to those of the wine regions in the nearby Alto Adige.

Although less renowned, it is undoubtedly a favorable territory for grape cultivation, as documented by historical archives.

A climate with daily temperature fluctuations, marked by warm days and cool nights, facilitates grape ripening, contributing to the complexity of the wines.

Abundant rainfall and constant ventilation help prevent fungal diseases.

The altitude and the presence of soil composed of sandstone mixed with clay and pebbles positively influence the freshness and acidity of the grapes.

This diversity of terrain, shaped by the retreat of glaciers during glacial epochs, undoubtedly has a significant impact on local viticulture, influencing the characteristics of the terroir and contributing to the production of wines with distinctive character.